Isra Sebiaa


Esq. Apprentice Fellow

Born in Algeria, Isra immigrated to the United States with her family when she was three years old. With parents who left their home country and family to ensure better futures for their children, she grew up knowing the many sacrifices her parents made in order for her to succeed and pursue all of the opportunities America has to offer.

For Isra, growing up Muslim–in a country that often portrays Muslim women as oppressed and helpless–added to the challenges and setbacks of coming from a low-income family. Early on, she set out to help rewrite the narrative of Muslim women in America.

So, she became the first person in her family to graduate from college, and has worked in various areas of the law ever since.

Today, Isra works as a paralegal with Eviction Defense Collaborative, a legal aid organization that provides free services to ensure that neither opportunities–nor justice– are denied to any citizen, for any reason.

While serving families and communities grappling with job losses and evictions, Isra has taken part in the defense of human rights, and the protection of ethnic minorities–and other of our most vulnerable groups–who would not have access to legal representation otherwise.

Once she becomes a lawyer, Isra aims to continue her work with legal aid organizations so she can serve those who cannot afford legal representation.

In her own words, “playing a role in the fight against housing injustice has been the most fulfilling part of my career.”