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Over half of all people living in poverty are women of color.

Esq. Apprentice gives low-income women of color the tools and support they need to become attorneys. With paid legal employment and a culturally responsive curriculum, we’re building economic security for impoverished women, families, and communities across California.

85% legal employment rate

85% of our apprentices have found work in the legal profession, electing to specialize in housing, criminal, estate planning, and other areas of law that have historically disadvantaged them.

30% annual increase in wages

Our apprentices have reported an annual wage increase of 30%, leading 25% to report a decrease in the hold that finances have over their lives, month to month.

75% retention rate

With financial support that addresses apprentices’ cost of living, we have enjoyed a 75% retention rate over the requisite, minimum 4-years to program completion.

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