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Esq. Apprentice gives low-income women of color the tools and support they need to become attorneys.

Despite making up over 60% of the population, just one-third of all lawyers in California are Black, Brown, Indigenous, or Asian.

For the millions of women living under the poverty line, the traditional path of law school just isn’t an option. Esq. Apprentice gives low-income women of color the tools and support they need to complete California’s legal apprenticeship program and become attorneys. With community, structure, and mentorship, we build economic security for women, families, and communities across the Bay Area.

Personalized learning support

Apprentices receive learning evaluations, tutoring services, and supplemental educational support to help them succeed.

Funding for mentorship and coaching

Your support helps apprentices access services to support their learning and exam prep.

A welcoming community of women

Every dollar raised supports the Esq. Apprentice sisterhood – a sacred space for healing and support.

We believe all people should have access to a law license, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, or gender.

Women are impacted by poverty at rates that far outpace those of men – and women of color are disproportionately affected. That’s why we provide funds that support apprentices’ cost of living, offer emergency funding, laptops, counseling, and more. These holistic supports are not just the right thing to do; with a 75% retention rate over the requisite, minimum 4-years to program completion, they are the very key to our success.

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We create access points to the law so we can help women turn law jobs into law careers.

In addition to our mission to help women of color complete California’s law apprenticeship program and become attorneys, in 2024 we’ll launch the Esq. Institute to introduce more women of color to the legal field by helping them craft legal career paths they can pursue independently, and on their own terms.

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Day by day, we are creating a more representative and justice-centered legal profession.

85% of our apprentices have found work in the legal profession, electing to specialize in housing, criminal, estate planning, and other areas of law that have historically disadvantaged them. 25% have reported a decrease in the hold that finances have over their lives, month to month. But we’re just getting started.

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It’s time for a new legal landscape.

You can help us build an independent justice system that lives up to its promise and works for us all. Sign up to learn how to get involved.