Analisa Ruiz


Esq. Apprentice Fellow

Analisa Ruiz is Xicana–born and raised in San Jose, California. Being systems-impacted, Analisa knew from an early age that she wanted to fight for those society has kept out of sight. She graduated with an Associate of Arts in Sociology and an Associate of Science in Administration of Justice from San Jose City College. In 2016, she began her career as a mentor and advocate for youth in the juvenile justice system.

Today, Analisa has found her true passion in prison and youth justice policy. At San Jose State, she is currently working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Justice Studies, with a minor in Sociology. Analisa believes in and fights for the liberation of our gente.

In her own words,, “I am the woman the younger me never believed I could be, whose loved ones didn’t always get the chance to be, but whose ancestors always knew I would be.”