Summer Hararah


Program Director

Summer has spent most of her career in legal advocacy for underserved populations. Summer brings over 12 years of experience in legal program and organizational development serving low-income communities in California. Summer has focused on combating post-9/11 racial and religious profiling, surveillance, and discrimination. Summer worked to identify broad patterns of abuse and systemic civil rights violations and to educate and engage impacted individuals in defending their rights.

Most recently, Summer served as a director and consultant to non-profits in the National Security and Civil Rights (NSCR) space, inclusive of criminal justice issues such as the overturn of wrongful terrorism convictions and access to adequate legal representation. Amidst the pandemic, Summer entered government service to help scale civil rights and nondiscrimination program compliance. Summer worked to provide technical assistance to state-wide County Welfare Departments administering social services to Californians.