Meet the Board of Directors


Nana Duffuor

Nana Duffuor is an Oakland-based development professional, writer, and performer with over five years of experience working in development for Bay Area legal aid and advocacy organizations. Most recently, she joined the staff of Essie Justice Group to support the organization's development efforts. Prior to joining Essie, Nana served as the Development Officer at Bay Area Legal Aid and the East Bay Community Law Center. Ultimately, her motivations for her work as a writer, performer, and development professional all stem from a desire to create work that inspires authentic connection and advances our collective liberation.


Serina Renkins

Serina is a Sr. Administrative Associate and Project Coordinator at Genentech, a member of the Roche Group. She has a multitude of organizational and administrative skills throughout her years of experience. Serina was formerly a Paralegal/Intake Specialist in the Clean State Practice at the East Bay Community Law Center. She has over 9 years of experience working with people who had contact with the criminal justice system, including direct client advocacy and large-scale litigation, to help people overcome barriers to employment, education, housing and civic participation. Serina is an Oakland native who is vitally dedicated to uplifting her community at every turn. In 2015, she received an Award of Merit from the Legal Aid Association of California for her outstanding contributions to the legal field.


Ruben A.Farias

Ruben Farias has over 4 years’ experience managing initiatives that promote public health and inclusion in city planning. Presently, Ruben works for Satellite Affordable Housing Associates where he helps manage the development of new affordable housing. In all, he has engaged more than 500 low-income residents, 30 non-profit community partners, and secured thousands of dollars in funding for community improvements projects. Ruben is a graduate of Occidental College (BA in Critical Theory & Social Justice) and holds an MS in Sociology from Texas A&M University.